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              VELDFLIEK - DRIVE INN 
So   the   Covid-19   pandemic   has   put   a   spanner   into   the   workings   of   the   entertainment   industry   with   seat   style cinema’s   currently   outlawed.We   therefor   decided   to   bring   back   the   old   nostalgic   drive   in   cinema   experience   but with   the   benefits   of   mordern   era   electronics.   Sit   in   the   comfort   of   your   own   vehicle   and   watch   your   favourite movies. Our   Portable   blowup   screen   with   its   rear   projector   makes   it   possible   for   us   to   bring   our   Drive-   Inn   to   any   part   of town   with   a   suitable   terrain   and   we   are   currently   negotiating   with   various   suitable   landlords   for   the   rights   to   do   just that!!   Enjoy   old   style   “   roadhouse   “   dining   with   waiters   bringing   your   food   &   drinks   order   to   your   vehicle.   Watch   full HD Quality movies and listen to the sound on the entertainment system in your vehicle on our radio frequency.
When??  As soon as the Covid-19 regulations allow!! Where??  Venues to be advised More info??