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About us The well known song goes “ Girls just wanna have Fun “ so we have subscribed to this motto and try and create as much obstace and mud fun as possible!!!
If    looking    like    this    with    your BFF’s      and      Besties      halfway through    our    5km    course    does not    look    like    fun    to    you    then PowerGirlz     might    not    be your cup of tea!!! You get Dirty!!
So   if   you   are   a   guy   and   you   wife   / girlfriend   is   nagging   you   to   come and   join   her,   the   good   news   is you   can!   The   bad   news   however is   that   you   have   to   dress   like   a woman of course !!
Our   mixture   of   build   obstacles,, giant     blow-up     obstacle’s     and mud   and   water   ensures   that   you have   fun   without   putting   yourself into     hospital     but     still     tough enough   for   you   to   brag   about   on social media!!