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About us We started During the 2018/2019 season and after 5 events Covid-19 put a stop to our 2020 season!! . Watch this space closer to the end of the year for 2021 season Dates
Whether   you   are   a   Newbie   to   OCR or    are    an    Extreme    athlete    or    if everyone   arround   you   proclaim   that you   are   a   real   Badass,   we   have   a category     to     suit     your     style     of running and climbing!!
We   have   5km   &   10km   timed   and untimed    courses    for    beginners and    fun    runners    and    then    X2 Elite   races   for   the   more   serious OCR athletes.
We   are   not   the   biggest   OCR   out there   but   during   our   first   5   races   we have   build   a   reputation   as   an   OCR event     with     tracks     in     beautiful surroundings.      Tough      but      with Quality build obstacle’s