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Portable    blow-up    movie    screen.    Rear and   front   projection.   5.5m   High   &   7.0m Wide.    6000    Lumen    Full    HD    Projector, Cordless   mic,   mixer,   amp   and   speakers that     covers     a     rugbyfield     with     1000 spectators.     Setup     fee     and     staff     to manage     system     included.     No     fuel charge    within    50km    from    our    offices after that R 2.95 per kilomtre.
R 4950  per day Best operating hours... Indoors - any hours - just make sure it will fit and the area is dark enough. September - April - 19h00 onwards for best viewing pleasure May - August - 18h00 onwards for best viewing pleasure
Nomadic Stretch Tents. Outdoor    VIP    Area’s    with access   control.   100   -   500 Guests. Catering    for    up    to    150 guests,     more     than     that and we call the big guns. Outdoor Movie Screens - as above.
Outdoor Bar Area’s. Pop -Up Restaurants at festivals & Events. Stages, Sound & Lights  
Anything else?                                                                                                 Ask      us   if   it   is   event   related   we   will   most probably   be   able   to   do   it   or   we   will   know someone reliable who can!!