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All   our   tents,   structures   and   areas we    rent    out    adhere    to    the    up    to date          health          and          safety requirements   as   well   as   the   correct engineering    certificates    to    ensure your compliance! .
We   strive   to   bring   a   unique   touch   to your    event,    all    our    equipment    is mobile   and   we   work   across   South Africa    as    well    as    in    Botswana    & Namibia.   Let   us   take   care   of   your VIP’s    so    that    you    can    focus    on business!
We     are     definetly     not     the     most expensive   at   what   we   do,   nor   the cheapest,   but   then   qualtiy   seldom is!     Big     enough     to     do     the     job extremely   well,   yet   small   enough   to give you our undivided attention!!
About us Established in 2009 we have close to 11 years experience in the events industry.  Both planning of events as well as executing the plan!!